Coltelli dell’Artigiano – The workshop ‘Coltelli dell’Artigiano’ is a small artisanal workshop in Scarperia, Tuscany. Alessandro Conti and Fabio Gasparrini, pictured below, produce knives of all sorts, handcrafting each one by traditional methods, with affection for the process and the finished product.

Each knife becomes a unique piece, whether a breadknife with an olivewood handle or a traditional Milanese clasp knife of the 1930’s, with a handle in hartshorn. 

I choose mainly traditional knives and knives for the kitchen and the table.
If you want to see a wider sampling of what Alessandro C. and Fabio G. create, go to their website 

Our pricing policy: we follow the prices that Coltelli dell'Artigiano charges in their shop in Scarperia. Sometimes you will find small differences, but these will be to the advantage of the customers.